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Ship Propeller Scrap Trading

ACE EXIM supplies Propeller Scrap generated from ship recycling.

1 ALUMINUM BRONZE ALBC3 BS1400 –AB2 CuAl10Fe5Ni5 1982 - CC 333G B 146 – C 95800 CAC 703
2 HIGH MANGANESE BRONZE ALBC4 BS -1400 CMA 1 CuMn11Al8Fe3Ni3 1982- CC 212 E B148 – C 95700 CAC 704
3 MANGANESE BRONZE BS 1400 HTB 1 G Cu Zn36 Al1 -- B 148 - C 86500 CAC 301

ACE EXIM supplies processed propeller scrap as a direct substitute to new ingots. Propeller scrap can be used as a raw material without any further processing in for the manufacturing of new ship propellers and other products such as gears, pumps, shafts, bushes, valves etc.

The main advantages of buying propeller scrap can be summarised as below:

Assured Quality: We can supply propeller scrap having a single uniform chemical composition as required by the buyers. Propeller scrap can be used directly as raw material without requirement of any other alloying material. We take a sample of the propeller and test it for chemical composition. We can also send the sample of propeller scrap to be supplied to the buyers for testing at their own laboratory.

Price: The price of scrap can be fixed on spot basis as well as formula basis linked to London Metal Exchange prices. We can enter into a short term or a long term contract as per buyer’s choice. The price always works out to be cheaper than using virgin metals or new ingots thus helping the customer stay ahead of their competition.

Size: The size of supplied propeller scrap is customised as per requirement of the customer. We can supply in large pieces where in only hub and blades are separated. We can also supply in smaller sizes ranging from 20 cm x 20 cm x 20 cm to 100 cm x 100 cm x 100 cm. Or any other dimensions as required.

Packing, Handling and Logistics:The propeller scrap can be supplied in 20 feet containers, stowed and lashed either loose or packed on pallets.

Clientele: Our current customers include most of the top propeller manufacturers based in Germany, Japan, South Korea, China and other copper alloys/casting manufacturers based in Europe and Asia.

Environment friendly: Recycling is one of the best ways to have a positive impact on the world. Recycling helps in protecting environment by reducing energy consumption, reducing pollution, reducing global warming and helps us in conserve precious natural resources. Buying recycled propeller scrap as raw material is a very environment friendly way of doing business. A company can fulfil its obligations towards society at large by buying recycled propeller scrap.

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