About Us

We ACE EXIM PVT LTD, are a prominent participant in the recycling industry & knowledge the importance of environmental sustainability. Our dedication to sustainability is evident in our practices & approach.


1. Responsible Sourcing :

We source all our products like Metal Scrap, Ships, Timber, Ore, and Agro products are from reputable suppliers who adhere to environmental standards.

2. Supply Chain Efficiency :

Our logistics are optimized to reduce carbon footprint, ensuring efficient transportation of materials from suppliers to customers.

3. Waste Management :

We actively manage & minimize waste in our operations, promoting responsible disposal & recycling practices.


1. Collaboration :

We engage with stakeholders to foster a shared commitment to sustainability, including suppliers, customers, & the communities where we operate.

2. Transparency :

Providing transparent & accessible information on our environmental initiatives through regular reporting.

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