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Journey of ACE EXIM

We had started selling our metal scrap cargo in South East Asian market in 2006 and the company Ace Exim Pte. Ltd. was set up in Singapore in the year 2007 with a view of streamlining the marketing of metal scrap into South East Asian countries. We started an office in Singapore and established markets in Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia and Indonesia.

Call it our prudence or an opportunity in disguise; due to the financial crisis of 2008, the entire worldwide shipping industry was hit hard; hence there was an increase in the number of ships available for recycling. This accompanied by our established presence in global trading markets, reliable contacts with banks, financial institutions spread across India, Singapore, Europe and U.A.E, we set foot in the Sale and Purchase of Ships for Recycling which in the industry is also called the business of Ship Cash Buying for Recycling.

Ship Recycling being our family business and having long standing relations with most of the Indian Ship Recycling yards, we had an established in-house market for our vessels. While this helped us in rapidly establishing ourselves, since 2009 we have been selling most of our vessels to third party ship recycling yards in India, Bangladesh and Pakistan. Ship recycling being our parental business and with the help of close friends in the industry, we have been able to reach amongst the top Cash Buyers in relatively short period.

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