What we do

Copper Alloy Ingots

ACE EXIM supplies ingots made of Copper and Copper Alloys.

ACE EXIM has a very closely associated Copper / Bronze Alloy Ingot manufacturing company which is based in Bhavnagar, India.

ACE EXIM deals in various grades of Copper Alloy Ingots as per International standards viz: JIS / IS / BS / ASTM / DIN / EN / UNI / NFA etc.

  • Copper: 99% + purity
  • Brass: any grade
  • Bronze:
    • Aluminum Bronze, Manganese Bronze, Lead Bronze, Tin Bronze, Gun Metal,
  • OR any specific alloy as per Customer requirements.

We can supply the Billets / Ingots in various sizes / shapes:

  1. Ingots of 7 to 12 Kg each.
  2. Ingots / Billets of 200-220 Kg each.
  3. Ingots of 900 to 1100 Kg each.

ACE EXIM can supply such Copper Alloy Ingots that are approved by IACS Classification Society so that these ingots can be used by a manufacturer making products for use on ships.

Advantages of dealing with ACE EXIM:

  • Flexible payment options.
  • Sale can be done in USD / Euro / JPY / GBP or any other major currency.
  • Custom made copper alloys as per customer requirements.
  • Supply of spot/monthly/yearly contracts.
  • Price fixation options available based on LME.
  • Packing available on Pallets / Wooden Boxes / Jumbo Bags / Loose as per customer requirements.
  • Delivery period options available to the customer.

Lead Alloy Ingots:

ACE EXIM is dealing in Remelted Lead Ingots.

Such Lead ingots are produced from Battery Scrap (ISRI Rains) / Lead Scrap (ISRI Rails) / Raw Lead and other scraps of Lead.

ACE EXIM trades in Remelted Lead Ingots / Blocks, which contains about 97-99% of Lead with remaining Impurity of Elements as Antimony, Tin, Arsenic, Iron, Bismuth, Copper, Silver etc.

Remelted Lead Ingots are mainly purchased from Africa and are sold to various Lead metal consumers in India.

The Lead ingots we buy are made from Rotary Furnace method and thus have a high quality with guaranteed chemical analysis.

We can supply Ingots weighing from 20 kg upto 500 kg per Ingot.

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