Timber Trading

Though we started Timber only a decade back, we graduated from containerised cargo to full ship loads in a matter of few years. This is owing to our rigorous quality control practices with representatives on both load ports and destination ports. This ensures the best quality cargo supply to the buyers and hence no complaints and a satisfied customer.

We have separate team in our organisation to handle timber thus ensuring; flawless operations, on-time payments to suppliers, regular shipments, maintaining track of cargo and keeping everyone in the loop informed. The management is responsive and proactive in decision making to satisfy the requirements of the suppliers along with the demands of the customers be it a saw mill or a plywood factory.

We have our own offices and representatives in all the places we are buying our cargo from, Malaysia, West Africa (Ghana, Nigeria, Ivory Coast, Liberia, Burkina Faso), Central America (Columbia, Guyana, Ecuador, Panama), North America (U.S.A., Canada). We have a ship chartering arm to take care of the logistics and shipping both for bulk shipments and containerised cargo.

We are looking to start bulk shipments of softwood from North America and New Zealand in the immediate future.

In line with our firm belief in environmentally sustainable trade, we are increasing theproportion of harvested and plantation timber in our portfolio.


  • Malaysian Logs:

    - Meranti, Kapur, Keuring, Batu, Resak, Mersawa, Arau, MLH etc. in full and part ship loads to India.

  • Liberian Logs:

    - We are shipping full ship loads of Logs to India. The species include Tetra, Ekki, Ano, Tali, Iroko, Niagon, Kokoti, Parinari, Ilomba etc.

  • Central American Logs:

    - Most of the shipments from Central America are in containers to India. The various species shipped include Mora, Purple Heart, Brown Silverballi, Darina, Kabukalli, Shibadan, Dakamaballi etc.

  • African Logs:

    - We are trading in various species from West Africa like Gmelina, Kosso Wood, Papao (Dousie), Black Wood to India, China, Bangladesh and South East Asia.


  • African Teak:

    We trade round logs / rough square teak / sized teak for the past 10 years from Africa. We buy both plantation and bush cargo. We have our own people for measurement and quality control. We make sure that logs of similar quality get shipped in a single consignment. This helps us supply the required cargo to targeted buyers.

  • Central American Teak:

    We are also shipping teak wood from Columbia, Ecuador and Panama to India.

Pine / Softwood

  • We trade in round logs and size wood of S.Y.P. (Southern Yellow Pine), Spruce, Fir and Canadian Pine from U.S.A. and Canada in containers to India.

  • We also trade in European soft wood both logs and size wood of like Fir, Whitewood, Redwood, Larch, Cedar, Birch to India.