Propeller Scrap Trading

We trade in propellers in India and also export them to Europe and Far East Asia.

Our main market for Ship Propeller scrap are the large Indian alloy manufacturers who buy ship propeller scrap as an alloying component for the production of their various alloy grades.

We have an in-house unit in India which specialises in processing the ship propellers obtained out of Ship Breaking. The propellers are tested and cut according to the buyer’s requirements. We also sell cut propeller scrap in small size to foundries in India. These manufacturers use propeller scrap to re-melt and make new products of the same alloy.

We also export propeller scrap to various large propeller manufacturing companies in Japan, Far East Asia and Europe. These buyers make new propellers out of the propeller scrap. The different grades of propeller scrap we can supply are:

  • Aluminum Bronze
  • Manganese Bronze
  • Middle East Asia