Metal Scrap Trading

Metal Scrap Trade has been our forte over all these years. Metal Scrap trading is always a consistent business for us, as it is a raw material for a factory; the trade is always on, even in the volatile currency and commodity markets all of us live in. Our team is fully geared and well versed in negotiating deals, preparing contracts, establishing or receiving LCs, bank correspondences, documentation, shipping instructions, Bills of Ladings etc. We have a dynamic management system to control the banking exposures, shipping schedules, to study and forecast market trends.

We make sure that we purchase our goods only from recognised sources; or from areas in where we have our physical presence during loading of the cargo. Our success in Metal Scrap Trade is due to the principled approach on quality control of the cargo that we trade in. Owing to this we always have satisfied buyers.

We have flexible payment terms on our purchases. We have excellent relationships with our suppliers and work closely with them to understand and market their products to the right customer at the right price. We can confidently say that most of our suppliers and customers are satisfied as most of the business we do is repeat business.

Our yards are equipped with cutting, sorting, cleaning, packing and loading equipment. We have skilled staff for shearing machines, plasma cutting equipment, cranes and metal analysers. We have both open and covered storage spaces.

Main Grades of Metal Scrap we trade in:

Non Ferrous Metal Scrap

  • Copper Scrap

    - Barley, Berry, Birch/Cliff, Candy, Dream

  • Aluminum Scrap

    - Taint / Tabor, Tense, Extrusions, Talk, Telic,Twitch,

    Aluwire, Foils, UBC
  • Copper Scrap

    - Barley, Berry, Birch/Cliff, Candy, Dream

  • Brass Scrap

    - Honey, Ebony, Pales, Pallu, Ocean

  • Lead Scrap

    - Rains, Radio, Rails, Relay, Ropes

  • Zinc Scrap

    - Saves, Scabs, Score, Scrub, Scull

  • Stainless Steel Scrap

    - SS 304, SS 316, Duplex Grades, Nickel and

  • Mixed Metal Scrap

    - Zorba, Zurik

Ferrous Metal Scrap

  • Heavy Melting Scrap (HMS)
  • Shredded Scrap
  • Blue Steel Scrap
  • Turning Scrap
  • Plate and Structure Scrap
  • Rail Scrap
  • Re-Rollable Scrap
  • Re-Usable Scrap
  • Low Nickel Alloy Scrap

Metal Scrap Procurement

  • Europe, UK
  • North America
  • Middle East Asia
  • Africa

Metal Scrap Destinations

  • India
  • South East Asia Countries like - Japan, China, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia
  • Europe