Cash Buying of Ships for Recycling

Ships transit three major phases of change in their life cycle:


Usually, a ship has a fixed lifespan of a few decades during which it withstands so much wear and tear that repair and retro-fitting becomes nonviable. Thus, a vessel enters its final destruction phase when…

  • It’s lived its use and is not seaworthy anymore
  • Repairs on the old vessel are not economically viable anymore
  • The material that can be recovered from the old ship has more value than the intact vessel

If ship-building aims at value addition, what Ace Exim does is value-addition through re-use. That’s why we say, we are not into simple 'recycling' – we are into constructive re-use.

We are buyers for most types
of vessels mainly:

  • Container vessels
  • Cargo Vessels
  • Ro Ro
  • Cars Carriers
  • Bulkers
  • Chemical Tankers
  • Tankers
  • LPG/LNG Carriers
  • MPPs
  • Passenger vessels
  • Gen

We do the following Cash
Buying Deals:

  • Trading Vessels
  • AS IS vessels for demolition

    - Own Power

    - Laid up vessels with re-activation required

    - Under Tow

  • Delivered vessels for demolition

We work in all the major ship recycling markets in the Indian Sub-continent. Having walked in the shoes of a Ship Breaker and Cash Buyer for many years, we understand every nuance of ship trade in demolition markets. As ship owners for our AS IS and trading vessels, we understand the needs of a ship owner perfectly and empathize with their profitability concerns.

We have purchased vessels from most of the big shipping companies and are deft at handling multiple ship deals. We are very prompt in closing the deals, making remittances, ensuring smooth and quick delivery of vessels with minimum expense and liability on all stakeholders. We prefer to strike a win-win situation for both ship-owner and ship-breaker.

We also understand the value of a ship broker who puts his reputation on line for us when he bids on our behalf. Once a deal is done with ACE the sellers can relax as we offer market prices with unmatched performance and a 100% perfect record of smooth closure of over 300 (and counting) deals we have done.

Green Recycling

We encourage and support the demand of Ship Owners for ship sale to yards which comply with Green Recycling.

Green Recycling is

  • Detailed documentation of Ship Dismantling procedure followed by Ship Breaker to be accounted for every ship
  • Disposal of hazardous materials like asbestos, TBT’S, PCB’S by the right agencies in the right way. One such organisation, set up by Gujarat Maritime Board, Alang, India is Gujarat Enviro Protection & Infrastructure Limited (GEPIL). Set up in 2005, this organisation maintains a site of 7 hectares to collect, transport, receive, store, process, dispose off by land fill or other required treatments, the hazardous wastes of yards in Alang. Maintenance of Inventory of Hazardous Materials (earlier
  • known as Green Passport) where all the hazardous materials and their location on board is liste

IMO recognised that ship dismantling should not discontinued as everything from a dismantled ship is put to productive re use. Ship Recycling helps remove large obsolete tonnage, which would otherwise require big finances to be maintained without use. Green Recycling is being encouraged in all the Ship Recycling Countries. While in Alang most of the yards have been certified ISO 9001, 14001, 180001 and 30000, Bangladesh, Pakistan and China are soon catching up.