At the turn of the century in year 2001, the world entered an unprecedented phase of growth. The demand for commodities and ships grew phenomenally. This made the number of ships available for scrapping go down. This was the time to re-invent and we looked for opportunities beyond Indian shores. Our international business, made a humble beginning in the year 2003 by establishing an office in United Arab Emirates. We started by trading in Ferrous and Non Ferrous Scrap from U.A.E. and Africa to India. There was no looking back since then; we added more commodities, sources and buyers to our data base. We set up offices in different parts of Africa; sources in Europe, U.S.A. and markets in India, Bangladesh, South East Asia.

We set up metal scrap yards in West Africa, viz. Ghana, Benin, and representative offices in other small and big countries in West Africa for sourcing metal scrap. We laid emphasis on quality and control over our processes versus gaining more market share. Due to our quality control measures and good material being shipped by us, we always had willing buyers for our cargo. This strategy helped us gain trust of our buyers which hitherto were sceptical of buying cargo out of Africa.

With the trust of the buyers and increase in confidence of working out of Africa; we started trading in Teak logs, Timber products, Cashew Nuts and other commodities that were being exported from West Africa to India.

Expansion into South East Asia.

We had started selling our metal scrap cargo in South East Asian market in 2006 and the company Ace Exim Pte. Ltd. was established in 2007 with a view of streamlining the marketing of metal scrap into South East Asian countries.

We started an office in Singapore and established markets in Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia and Indonesia.